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About Shopatots

Welcome to my pride and joy - Shopatots. My first memory of my love of sewing came out of boredom at my grandmas house. She sat my sister and I on her verandah (with her precious roses growing around it.) with old stockings, socks, cottons and needles and we made dolls. We were very proud of those dolls but I shudder to think of the quality. So apparently out of boredom comes creativity.
I can lose myself for hours in the small but cute studio in my home which I am happy to share with the washing machine and tub as long as they don't get in the way too much.
If it's playful but functional quality clothing that you are looking for then kick back and check out my range where you will find a mixture of rompers, overalls, singlets and nappy covers and even some bibs and cardigans to mix and match.
I love to add details such as applique, smocking, hand embroidery and buttons.
I look forward to creating a little something unique for you and forming a happy shopping experience.