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About CuddleCorner


My name is Michele and l would like to welcome you to CuddleCorner where crochet comes to life and knitting is modernised.

It all started with my dear mum (Marlene), what to do with all the vast amounts of left over wool she had acquired from her beautiful work.

With a passion for crochet and a hook in hand l developed my range of soft cuddly toys. I love to pick through the various balls of wool to create each individual toy, they all have there own personality. I make ever effort to ensure no two are alike unless requested. I hope you enjoy them and can see the love that has been put into each one.

All the knitting is my mums (Marlene) beautiful work, she is 83 year young, she spends most of her time knitting. Mum does her best to take on custom orders and complete them as soon as possible, it is always best to give as much time as possible for completion.

Thanks for visiting and please come back soon, even if it's just to see what's new!