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About The Smile Emporium

To see for the entire range see....www.thespoonemporium.com
This shop on madeit is like the little sister of The Spoon Emporium.
HELLO-Welcome to you
Here is the story of how working from home became a reality for me.
I had worked in welfare with disadvantaged women and was taking a year off to study.During that year in our 18th year of marriage, with 3 teenage children, our beautiful surprize baby was welcomed into a full house. With such an age gap between the siblings 17, 15, 13 and then baby, we felt making them share a room with the baby or each other would be a bit of a shock.So our house grew as well. While doing the owner builder extension to accommodate everyone(yes that's a new baby, 3 teenagers and major DYI extensions consisting of 3 rooms and deck) we had the roof off for 3 weeks, so that meant no TV aerial. I was never a big TV watcher but having it as not an option was great.I started learning new skills and after the roof went back on we decided not to put the aerial up again,(much to the consternation of our 3 teenagers at the time)
I mention this story as it shows how life's circumstances can lead to fabulous unexpected adventures to be embraced.
The Smile Emporium as a name was decided when my husband and myself went out for tea. This experience included a hot Thai meal, the waiter being busy and no water on the table.
In between recovering from mouthfuls of curry laden food(really tasty- but hot) my husband and I were brainstorming names for the shop which really made me think- what do I want to achieve?It was easy when put like that. I want people to smile.
My previous work in welfare has influenced my choice to do literature spoons.I see the link in obtaining a better quality of life when one is connected with the resources needed.A positive saying or greeting on a spoon can give little lift in ones day.

Joy to you