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About katiejardine

I remember when I was little thinking that when I grow up I want to be a maker and here I am still making and creating things out of paper, pens, clay & wire. Although things were different when I was younger .. i used to think I had a super pencil and it was doing all the creative work for me, until it got so tiny that I could barely use it!

I was so excited when I discovered that I could be a graphic designer & get paid for what I love. But more than anything I was lucky to meet a spunky farmer who inspired me to cart my computer away from boring design studios to open fields & country lifestyle, the change only fed my ideas with silly little tractor paintings & prints of determined cows and chooks.
I seem to have a neverending supply of ideas which I love creating into artwork on walls and printable invitations for wonderful parties... too exciting!!
I also have recently introduced my Wearable art and cement ornaments, just because I wanted to make something for me and thought someone out there might like something for them too :)

At home I manage to juggle freelance graphic design & 3 children who inspire my creative soul, i love what I do.

If you would like regular updates check out my face book page - www.facebook.com/katiejardineartdesign
or instagram: katiejardineart