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Vanessa and I have worked together for years now on our crafts and enjoy spending one day together each week where we toss ideas around and have lots of laughs!! We actually do work as well!!! We are very lucky to have such a great relationship.

We have been involved in many crafts over the years and are able to draw on our many techniques we have learnt.

We both have our own styles similar but different to each other so our work suits many different tastes. Overall though our work has a vintage feel about it.

We hand cut our 110g paper , then dye it in tea, coffee and spice to create an aged look and then fold it to create each individual groupings of papers called signatures. Our leather journals have 6 double pages and eight signatures to each journal unless otherwise stated. We hand bind the signatures with waxed thread.

Our notebooks are made from 100% recycled materials and sourced from an ethical company. They are hand-bound with waxed thread and a simple design is on each. We sell these in groupings of three with themed covers eg fox, deer, trees, feathers, etc

We hope you enjoy browsing our store and if you need any help at all please don't hesitate to message us.