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About LikLikMunki

I've been in & out of the Melbourne craft market & festival scene for over 20 years & a secondary school art, photography & behaviour management teacher for 35 years.
I love a challenge & believe me I was there in the 70's! I made all the shizz; macrame hangers, batik & tie dye t-shirts, crochet vests, tiffany lampshades, candles, terrariums, woven wall hangings and more.
My mantra has always been "handmade is best made; recycle, reuse and revamp".
Based in beautiful Mirboo North, I am pasionately involded in our community ArtSpace and a Boomerang Bag maker, co-ordinating & prepping our weekly sewing workshop. I belong to a behaviour change movement that is savvy about waste & keeping it out of landfill. Basically I stitch, never ditch! Comrades, may the upcycling force be with you!
Julie Joyce/LikLikMunki