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About LikLikMunki

I've been in and out of the Melbourne craft market and festival scene for over 20 years and a secondary school Art, Photography and Craft teacher for 35 years.
I love a challenge and believe me I was there in the 70's and I made all the shizz; macrame, batik, crochet granny squares, tiffany lampshades, candles, terrariums, wall hangings, vests and more.
My mantra has always been "handmade is best made, recycle, reuse and revamp".
Currently based in the beautiful hamlet of Mirboo North, I am a Boomerang Bag maker, co-ordinating and prepping our weekly sewing workshop. I belong to a behaviour change movement that is savvy about waste and keeping it out of landfill. Basically I stitch, never ditch!
So what do I make?
Art smocks and library bags
Ironing board covers
Mesh fruit and Veg shopping bags
Fabric shopping bags
Drawstring bags
Old fashioned bloomers for babes and toddlers
Velcro pencil cases, book bags and purses
Berets, pixie and jester hats
Crocheted cotton facewashers and dishcloths
Comrades, I hope I can offer you a solution to a need, have a top day and may the upcycling force be with you!
Julie Joyce/LikLikMunki