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About Wombat's Picnic

I have always loved to create. I have always loved handmade. I have always loved vintage. Wombat's Picnic is a way for me to combine these loves with a unique twist, all things Australian!

My name is Cyndy and I am the person behind Wombat's Picnic. I live in Geelong, Victoria and am the mother to three teenagers. In my spare time i.e. when I am not working at my day job or taking care of my family I make things in my studio (also known as the kitchen table).

In Wombat's Picnic you will find items for adults and children ranging from stationary, decorative items for the home, accessories and toys. Many of the items I create are inspired by fabric and paper items that I find in op shops or online. I often find something I love without really knowing what I will create from it; I know that will come to me in time! The one thing though you will find about all my items is that they in some way celebrate those things that are uniquely Australian.

You can learn more about me, my life and craft, by following me on Facebook (Facebook.com/WombatsPicnic) or Instagram (@WombatsPicnic).