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Ever been to a shop and you can never find the name that you are looking for on those personalised trinkets? I often, well actually NEVER found my name, and was always disappointed when my brothers or friends could always find theirs. I love my name and never understood as I child that my name was unique because it was my name.

Well this is where my handmade personalised items come in.......

I have always loved being creative and crafty and when my first daughter came along I decided to make her very own personalised bunting. This then turned into a hobby when I began then creating buntings for my friends and their children. I instantly feel in love with creating something that was handmade for others to enjoy and the feedback that I received.

With my full time work requiring me to be away from my family for months on end I decided that I could take my hobby from something that I love doing into creating a life for my family by working from home in my studio outside of Melbourne. This has meant that I have been able to spend the time with them which I value more than anything else.

Each item is custom made which means that you can have ANY name with ANY spelling. Just like my name (Mardi) my items are unique as each letter is hand appliqued on. I love this step in my work as I can take this wherever I go...train, plane, ship and even sitting outside on a sunny day. This not only means that I can be mobile but each piece has be made with love and of the highest quality and standard. This is why you will not find anything else on the market like my buntings. I also love that there are so many uses for just one item - nurseries, photo prop for those adorable cake smash photos, christenings, playrooms or even a cubby house. The possibilities are endless!!

Every time I receive an email with a new order I still get excited that I get to create something that will be admired by all and best of all that children can learn to recognise their name from what I have made.. It truly is humbling

Thank you for taking the time to read my store and I hope that love my work as much as I do.