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I live in a beautiful village in northern NSW, Australia and it is an absolute joy to be able to work and create in this heavenly part of the world. Everything you see in this shop has been handmade by me in my home studio. Being able to sell my creations online allows me to work from home - all items are shipped from my local post office, which is a short pushbike ride down the road. I no longer have to drive to and from work, which has dramatically decreased my personal impact on the environment. I only use metals that have been reclaimed from existing sources from a reputable supplier with an outstanding environmental policy. I use hand tools wherever possible, thus minimising the use of carbon fuels in the production of my pieces. The only power tool I use is in the final polishing stage, all cutting, filing, sanding etc is done by hand. I take care to hand-select stones that are natural, not treated or enhanced in any way, and endeavour to ascertain the origin of each stone that I use. All packaging and shipping is recycled and considerate to the planet. I am open to custom requests, with no obligation to purchase if you do not like the end result.
You can also keep up to date with the latest here: http://osirisjewellery.comhttp://www.facebook.com/osirisjewellery
SRAJD #2754 (self-representing artist: jewellery design) I am passionate about the awakening of humankind to true understanding. Part of this awakening process involves becoming responsible for our actions, and recognising that every action has a conseqeuence. The consequences of our accumulated actions are now being witnessed across the planet, as the earth heaves and groans beneath the pressure of so many lifetimes of abuse and exploitation. My little jewellery business is a gesture towards providing an alternative to the planet-damaging mass production of mainstream jewellery. It is my way of making a difference. Thank you for caring enough about the choices we make collectively... it will make the difference!