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About Addicted to Buttons

WELCOME To Addicted To Buttons - Making the World a more colourful place, one button at a time!
Handmade with Love and care is my philosophy.

We hope you love shopping in our Online Store. We are a family owned business who love to create with the humble button.

I strive to create unique and quirky items - we aim to ensure no two items are identical ~ and with buttons getting things identical is rarely possible. My items are great to give as gifts. Giving someone something that is handmade and unique has a quality about it that is very precious and heartwarming.

Our style is all about fun, bright and interesting colour combinations. Experimenting with shape, patterns, texture and colour in unusual ways. We love turning that tiny button someone has had stashed in cupboard for a million years into something that is out there for all to enjoy!

Owning a piece of jewellery which is quirky, original and completely unique can make the wearer feel extraordinary. Coupled with the compliments of friends, family and even strangers, our creations can make you feel confident, proud, playful and uplifted all at the same time. It's amazing what a simple button can do!
We are always updating our listings so be sure to check our store regularly. Please take the time to read through our store policies below before purchasing.

Please check in often as new items will be added to my store regularly - I love to create, so you never know what might appear next. Nearly all pieces are unique one off pieces.