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About Caro Thornton Art

I am a mother, teacher and artist who has always been passionate about art and creativity. I particularly I love inks and watercolour. I also enjoy making mixed media collage with Japanese papers and have recently painted in oils and pastels..

I first opened this shop in 2010 when I was operating under the name of Ruby LIme Design where I made a wide range of products as you will see in the sold items. After continuing my study in Education for another 4 years I became as primary school and specialist teacher in Special Education, TESOL and now Japanese language and was so busy it is only just recently I have had time for art again.

I have recently started painting again in alcohol inks, creating mixed media artworks and I'm loving the process of these.

I am fortunate to live in Central QLD in a beautiful and inspiring environment in a small, friendly community. I am lucky to have many like minded friends here who also enjoy art and creativity and we share space in a small community gallery in Tannum Sands called Ocean Breeze Gallery.

It has always been a dream to have a shop again and to produce a product that people find beautiful and that makes them feel happy when they see it.

I am looking forward to continuing to develop my artwork and enjoying the process.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and my shop.

Caro .