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About Red tree designs

Hello. I'm the designer, sewer, compulsive gatherer behind Red tree designs.

I create one-of-a-kind and eco-friendly bags, purses and little creatures using discarded, vintage or second-hand materials.

I've been obsessively rummaging through thrift shops and making my own bags since I was a child. My inspiration comes from the bush, folk art, children's books, old slouchy postal satchels and lately Josh Pyke song lyrics.

I live and work in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland in New South Wales, Australia with my young family. Our 100-year-old house is surrounded by macadamia farms and cow paddocks and is filled with second-hand and handmade finds. I love that almost everything we own has an interesting story...just like the materials in my work.

Supply shopping for me consists of hunting through charity shops and upholstery remnant bins for discarded fabric scraps, leather belts, buttons and zippers and beautiful but outdated or damaged curtains and tablecloths which I use for my bags and creatures.