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In 2006, I started to draw things and make bags when I was in a very low point of my life and that's how and when Tamptation started. Tamptation is the idea of giving little temptation of living. I used "tam" instead of "tem" because my TAM is my surname. Tamptation at the beginning was something helps me to define myself and something I can hold on to. I was always upset at that period of time and all I can do to distract myself was to draw and to make things. So I started to draw cards, make bags, craved rubber stamps all those kind of things. This creative business then became my life project. It's my soul. It's my dream. I am always passion with arts and design and it's my dream to design my own products. Most of my inspiration comes from the culture shock between my country and Australia. Sometimes comes from my students, sometimes from the beautiful and brilliant designs in Australia. I have been to Australia for 8 years now, would be 9 years in October. I love Australia but I will never forget where I belongs to.


I have a full time job at the hospital. I teach painting at night. I am a writer. I published an illustration book in Hong Kong in 2009. I write newspaper column in Hong Kong and I also love being a creative person. Don't ask me where's my time coming from because I have absolutely no idea why and how I am doing all these things. All I know is if I don't do it, I am no longer me. 



I want you to love your purchases just as much as I love making them.


Thank you for coming and please keep coming back because I will never stop making things and you'll never know what I'll make tomorrow.


  Suki Tam