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I launched Starzyia in 2009 with the aim of rehabilitating myself and gaining financial independence (earning my way off my disability pension) but what makes me jump out of bed in the morning is creating and sharing meaningful jewellery and gifts to enrich your life.

The more I learned about happiness, healing, and a second chance at life, the more I wanted to create beautiful things that trigger positive thinking and self esteem in women and teens.

All my designs are created thoughtfully with colour, joy, meaning, and inspiration ready to share.

I also love to create jewellery with vintage postage stamps, I have literally thousands of postage stamps that came on letters to my grandmother from friends and family scattered across Eastern Europe for over sixty years. The news each stamp carried is a mystery, but it was deeply personal between women. It was a friendship, and a love, and not giving up on a person even though they would never see each other again in this lifetime. They felt the need to connect, to love, to care for each other, and share the highs and lows of life. And they did it letter after letter spanning decades. Each letter was part of something I consider to be an Epic Love.

>>> Postage Stamps are proof that humans seek one another out, that we care, that we seek people to share life with, that we have something worth saying <<<<