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About BerLissy

Hi my name is Bernie and I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.
Sewing and craft has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It started with the making of pillows for my dolls with my Nanna in school holidays, to mum helping me create my own clothes of a weekend when I was in high school (yes that's right not much of a social life).
I branched out on my own after my being left handed became too much of a frustration for mum (she'd say I had to stand on my head to cut) and started to create items that popped into my head, especially handbags.

I have now been working with fabrics and crafts for more than 15 years which has provided me with so much inspiration. My mind is a constant whir of creative ideas, I always have too many things on the go and I cannot bring myself to do the same thing over and over(I get bored easily) so anything you choose from my store will be quite unique.
Many of my madeit customers will know me by the swirly skirts and tops that they have purchased from me but I have now branched into a new direction of recreating items from recycled denim jeans. Everything you find in my store will predominately be created from textiles and embellishments.
I love to create and cannot possibly keep it all myself and now I have finished my fashion design and dressmaking course I would love to create things for you, my customers, to enjoy, or for you to gift upon someone special.
Thank you for your time and please feel free to browse my store, visit often as it will be constantly changing.
Thank you