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About Run Wild Horses®

Run Wild Horses is the brainchild of country lass Sharee Collier. Sharee had always been a creative child, drawing, painting and making jewellery for family and friends whilst still at school and later as a creative escape from the hum drum routine of 9 to 5 office work. She being selling her designs at local craft markets in the early 2000's
Quickly out-grown the hobby tag, Run Wild Horses was born in January 2007
The designs feature vintage, vintage reproduction and modern materials blending together to create a wonderfully unique “modern vintage” look which appeals to young and old alike with a base heavily influenced by the "steampunk" movement.
Working mostly with salvaged watch dials and movements, vintage keys and hardware and upcycled building materials. She has also created a number of different metal finishing, colouring and resin application techniques from her small country studio, giving further originally to uniqueness to her work.
Sharee draws her inspirations from the materials themselves,allowing the designs to develop and come together from the gathering of materials. Having this freedom to work with different mediums and themes allows the label to remain unique.

All items are 100% Australian made and designed. Our work is ORIGINAL and UNIQUE and all designs exclusive to our label. Because vintage materials are used in the production of each piece most deisgns are made in limited numbers, whilst some are one-of-a-kind.