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About La Fortuna Designs

Born and raised in Germany and now living in Perth/Western Australia I remember sitting under my Oma's Singer treadle machine, while she was sewing. This memory left a lasting impression and I made my first garments when I was about 12 years old. My first creations left much to be desired, but I wore them with pride. From that time I made my own clothes for years.
Quilting came about 20 years ago, my first quilt being a baby blanket with hand-appliqued dancing bears for my son. My next project was a completely hand-appliqued tied quilt, which won me 2nd prize in the Perth Royal Show in 2001.
My quilting really took off mid 2019 when I joined my church's quilting group as an inaugural member and I made 52 quilts during COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, most of which were donated to our community project or given to family members and friends.
During 2020 I started designing my own patterns. First pattern was 'Heart 2 Heart', followed by 'Midsummer Night' and 'Japanese Garden'. The latter two were published in 'Make Modern' magazine in 2021. Between pattern testing and making quilts, the ideas for more patterns are flowing. My only limitation is to find the time to write the patterns and test them.
In addition to the quilts in my shop I also make quilts on commission. I like the challenge to liaise with the client to find out style, colours, size etc. they like.