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About C-D Arts Rushworth

C-D Arts is Caroline Dean art works and hand crafted goods.

About me: Just over 4 years ago I retired and moved to the outskirts of the historical town of Rushworth, situated in beautiful north central Victoria. Prior to that move, I was lucky enough to hold down a job, situated in Melbourne's CBD, for 33 years. While I miss Melbourne, I love Rushworth.

My interest in hand crafting began about 3 years ago when I was attending a stained glass window workshop in beautiful Kyneton, Victoria. One of the other studios in the creative centre was teaching Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Art. It was something I'd never seen or heard of before, but was instantly hooked on the process and finished products. The depth of detail, the colours, the randomness of the process and the outcome - I loved it!

Soon afterwards (after watching hours and hours and hours of YouTube videos), I was painting and pouring most days of the week. However as my masterpieces dried, their lustre diminished somewhat from what I'd seen and felt while the paint was fresh and wet. Therein I discovered epoxy resin. A couple of coats of resin on a dried piece brought the colours and effects back to their full and wonderous former wet-paint glory.

Moving forward to today, there are only so many coasters, platters and clocks you can store and/or give to family members, so I decided to try my hand at selling art work at the wonderful Violet Town community market (in Violet Town, Victoria) so that I can keep on creating them.

My jewellery is made with left-over resin from my acrylic pouring/fluid art projects. My jewellery pieces/items are 100% authentic - the resin is mixed, coloured, poured into moulds by me (as may be evident by minor imperfections and makers marks). No two pieces are identical.

My other love is candle-making. During one of last year's lockdowns (like most of us) I turned my mind to developing a new hobby - making soy wax candles. It was something I'd always intended to do during my retirement (and had actually dabbled as a child, repurposing kilos and kilos of paraffin wax my parents had somehow acquired).

The decision to use Soy wax was pretty easy. Although it can be expensive to buy, it's a cleaner burning wax than paraffin, so there's less smoke and soot when the recipe is just right, and it's made from vegetables rather than chemicals. I hope to dabble with Bees wax in the near future.