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About the simple wife.

Handmade in Gippsland with quality fabric sourced from Australian manufacturers.

Established in 2019, the simple wife. provides a fashionable and unique alternative for breastfeeding mothers. Our bestseller is the Boobicino Hoodie made from traditional sweater fleece and quality knits with easy and discreet nursing access. We also understand #twinning and how cute it is for your munchkins to be running around in matching clothes which is why we have created the Besties and Mummy & Me bundles. And if you aren’t a Boobicino Mama, we’ve got you covered too - all* our garments can be made without nursing access.

MAKES ME HAPPY - A quiet walk, music and family time
MY COFFEE ORDER - Almond decaf latte
MY FAMILY - Hubster and two kidlets