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About York St Candle Co

We up-cycle amber beer bottles to create natural soy wax candles throwing the most exciting and diverse range of scents! Here at York St we keep the environment in mind with everything we do so all our of products, packaging and labelling creates as little impact on the environment as possible.
We clean, sanitise and hand cut bottles using a glass saw. We use cork as the lids instead of metal as it is biodegradable and we do not use any lead or metal in our products.
Our wax is 100% natural soy wax and we use premium oils to deliver a bold fragrance with a strong throw! We have 2 sizes; Regular beer bottles 280grams and 30+ hrs of burn time and Long Neck beer bottles 780grams and 50+ hrs of burn time.
All of our packaging is eco friendly and biodegradable. We use sustainably sourced boxes or reuse any we have on hand, we pack candles with recyclable paper and corn packing peanuts.
Additionally we gift these candles in hand stamped Muslin bags, Muslin is one of the healthiest fabrics as it is organic and chemical free.
All of our candles are hand made and poured with love in VIC :)