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About Orchard Spoons

Hello, my name is Suzie and I live on the Mornington Peninsula. My family has an Orchard in Tyabb and we grow apples, pears, peaches and nectarines. We have a couple of dogs, 4 miniature goats, and chickens. I also am a beekeeper. We use our bees to pollinate the fruit on our orchard and keep us well stocked with honey! I also use the beeswax from my hives to give a beautiful finish to my wooden spoons. I love carving spoons! I love watching the grain of the wood change as I carve and the richness of the timber appear when they're finished. The wood I use for my spoons is sometimes bought, but often comes from old wine barrels, house renovations, clearing sales etc. I use only hand tools to carve my spoons, and as such, no two spoons are ever the same. I then sand them by hand until they are super smooth!

Please contact me for further information - orchardspoons@gmail.com