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About Virginia Riley Designer Accessories

Growing up I was always attracted to sparkly things and making things with my hands. I also had a strong entrepreneurial drive and loved the idea of running my own business but just didn't know what that would be. After completing an Arts/Economics degree I went backpacking around the world and it was in South Africa where I found my passion. One random day in 1991 I stumbled into a bead store in Cape Town selling semi precious stones and jewellery components and I was instantly hooked! I became obsessed with jewellery and made a small range of earrings which I later sold at a market stall in Portobello Road, London and attended various workshops and jewellery making courses in the U.K.

I returned home to Australia in 1993 and officially launched VIRGINIA RILEY DESIGNER ACCESSORIES from a tiny home studio in Avoca Beach on the beautiful NSW Central Coast. Australia.

Initially I sold to a handful of local boutiques but demand grew particularly from the wedding sector as my designs were quite feminine and sparkly. Before long my range was being stocked in over 140 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand and featuring on the covers of bridal magazines.
In 2001 I opened a beautiful sparkly little boutique in Sydney's historic Strand Arcade to provide a more personalised custom design service for brides and it was 5 years of hectic but wonderful fun creating for so many weddings and special occasions.

In 2004 I had my first child and continued to juggle work, family and no sleep but in 2006, 8 months pregnant with my 2nd child I decided to close the store to focus on my little family, knowing that I would return to my passion when the timing was right.

That timing is now. My 3 kids have become more independent,I still LOVE being creative with my hands and I have a HUGE stash of Swarovski stones, jewellery components, recycled glass, vintage beads, fabrics etc all carefully preserved waiting to transform into wearable art once again. My new range reflects my strong desire to make choices that support our planet and encourage others to think and act sustainably. Each piece is still handmade in my home studio in Avoca Beach with the care and quality my brand was built upon.

Thank you for your interest and visiting my Madeit store.
Virginia xx