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About HullabaLou Creative

Louise of HullabaLou creates many original and beautiful household and personal items for you to spoil yourself. Her current range focuses on eco resin products.
Eco resin products are environmentally friendly, made from water based non toxic material. There is a wide range of beautiful coloured products available – from bangles to enhance your outfit to mini planters and multi use pots to brighten up your home.
The beautiful bangles have a cement look, but are light weight and comfortable to wear. Each bangle is unique with one, two and occasionally three colours. There are two styles of bangles – Chunky bangles and slim multifaceted bangles. The Chunky style is approx. 45 mm wide with a 66mm inner diameter. The multifaceted bangle is 17mm wide with the inner diameter of 62mm.
The mini multi use hexagonal pots come in a range of combined colours. These handy, attractive looking pots will add style to your house whatever the use – for succulents, tea lights or holding odds and ends. Use inside or outside. The dimensions are 45mm high and 55mm width.