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About One Hundred Years

Hi, my name is Carli and I am the designer and maker behind ...One Hundred Years...

I am a graduate of fashion and textile design and I love making beautiful, ethical garments for people to love and enjoy.

Beautiful - good design is beautiful and I am always on the search for fabrics that speak to the heart. Because beauty should do that.

Ethical - Most of my garments are cut with zero or near zero cutting techniques where very little fabric is wasted. The small amount of waste fabric that I do have is taken to be recycled. I use organic, rescued, up cycled, bolt end and oeko-tex 100 standard fabrics where possible.

Handmade - I acknowledge that factory made clothes are still made by hand. Real people with real lives make those clothes. But very few of those people get to see the production through from start to finish. We know what the fashion industry has done and is still doing to the lives of those factory workers. I never make more than two garments at a time. I see them through from start to finish. As a creative, this feeds my soul. I hope that as a wearer this feeds your soul too.

Clothing - my designs are also functional. Clothing is to be worn and lived in. I use long lasting sustainable fabrics that are easy to care for and will last for a long time. I always try to include pockets. I want to make clothing that enhances living.

Thank you for visiting my store at Made It.

Thank you for supporting Australian Made.

Thank you for supporting Australian small business.

Best Wishes,