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About BloreRawBasics

Nature is amazing! I grow these LOOFAH at home, SprayFree and in rich compost!
Left to dry on the vine, harvested, seeds removed, peeled, a quick soak in a light bleach & water solution and lastly sun dried.
Keep one in the bathroom to exfoliate, one in the kitchen to clean your dishes, and one down by the chooks to clean their water bowls :-)
Please! No more synthetic sponges to end up in our landfill!
When your loofah are needing replacement, cut up small and dig into your compost.
Jute string, paper vellum swing tags and postage satchel are also fully home compostable = Zero Waste.
Would you like to try growing your own? SEED packets also available.
THANK YOU for supporting my small business and making a positive change for our planet!!!!!