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About Crysta Healing Crystals

I started my business as a way to help introduce others to the holistic benefits of complimentary therapies. I have trained in Crystal Healing, Usui/Seichem/Angelic Reiki Healing, Angel/Oracle Card readings. I'm currently completing a Natural Energies Certificate and I would love to sharing the benefits of these modalities with like minded people.

I began with bracelets as many people are drawn to what they need in a crystal even if they were unaware of the spiritual and holistic characteristics of the gemstones themselves. A piece of crystal jewelry is an good first step for someone to take on their healing journey. It can often be the first step in building confidence in the benefits of the crystals before diving right into things.
Crystal healing can also be a helpful step in dealing with negative heavy emotions to help clear the way for reiki and angelic healing modalities to be more effective.

I was inspired to make my "Worry Friends" or spirit guide toys as I found there were a lot of children who were attracted to my gemstone bracelets but were to small to have them (this included my own daughter).

My "Worry Friends" are the more child friendly way to introduce children to the spiritual attributes of animals, crystals and energy healing in a safe and nurturing way.