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Everyone truly loves receiving REAL mail. The excitement of when the postie comes and there is something other that a bill or junk mail in the letter box. A real letter. A true heartfelt connection from someone that thinks you are so special that you are worth wasting precious time on to write a few lines. I love seeing the handwriting and knowing who it is from and the anticipation from the letter box to the door so I can open this beautiful object and devour it's contents!

Ideas Take Flight Stationery and Gifts was conceived in an attempt to recapture the enjoyment of giving and receiving letters, personally or by post, something which has been disappearing from our busy lives in this urgent paperless society. We all deserve to share the happiness of old fashioned (but timeless) letters. 

My stationery collections are printed using the highest standard of products and processes. Designed from the heart and FULL of personality, stationery applicable to all age groups. I hope you have as much fun using them as I have had designing them. Ideas Take Flight originated as a graphic design business, mainly logo and corporate design. For more of my design work visit www.ideastakeflight.com.au