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About Rosie's Arty Stuff

I started painting when I was 16, and I soon discovered that it was something that I loved to do!
Since then I have been finding my style and experimenting with materials and subject matters, but whatever what I painted, I always came back to nature.
I am constantly enthralled with the beauty of the world around me, and being able to express that through art is something I am always working towards. I am particularly drawn to the night sky, and flowers, and finding different ways to paint these subjects.

In nearly all of my paintings you will find some kind of reference to stars or a night sky. On a clear night I can find myself captivated by the sparkling stars, looking at them and past them into what seems to be a never ending beautiful blue, one day I hope to paint stars this captivating.

Until recently I had been studying theatre full time at University, with only an hour or so each fortnight for art, now graduated I have found more time to focus on furthering my acting and dancing whilst making art. I am very excited to list more products and share the joy I find in painting!