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About The Weekend Weaver

At The Weekend Weaver you can find that special handwoven piece for yourself or a friend.
Shawls, scarves, cowls, blankets, cushion covers, table runners, placemats, and more.
For something truly unique, contact The Weekend Weaver for your bespoke handwoven piece today.

In early 2020, Megan at The Weekend Weaver was researching her family history, and the story of how her Templeton ancestors had come to be living in Australia.

Megan found that her 3rd-Great-Grandfather “James”, and most of his siblings and in-laws were weavers (or working in the weaving industry) in Paisley, Scotland in the mid-1800s.

During this time in fashion, ladies’ woven shawls were proving very popular, especially those with an ancient tear-drop motif (originally from Persia). They were further popularised by Queen Victoria herself.
Due to the innovation of Paisley weavers, this motif became the prominent woven shawl design in Paisley (taking over from many other weaving areas across Europe), and thus the motif later took on the town’s name and became known as “paisley”.

Although the era and the special significance of weaving ancestors can be romanticised, Megan’s ancestors, living in “Great Hamilton” Street, were presumably living a generally tough Victorian-era, Scottish lifestyle. The full reasoning behind the decision to emigrate is unknown, but James Templeton, his wife “Isabella”, his brother “Andrew” and his wife, along with their respective children, left “Renfrewshire” and sailed together on the vessel the “Sea”, arriving in Australia in May 1853.

It is this rich family history that inspired Megan to produce the “Templeton Collection”, which includes a variety of woven items with names taken from this personal and proud story.