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About Art Gifts by Gebo Art and Illustration

Gebo Art and Illustration by Ainsley Bullingham.
Ainsley is a Creator from the magical Blue Mountains Australia.

Each item you find in this shop is created mindfully, with a sustainable future in mind. Whether this means using High quality organic materials such as pure wool and sustainably sourced cotton, or carefully sourced preloved materials such as polymer clay and nylon embroidery threads/ felt bought from well intentioned people who simply ran out of time, hated the hobby, or wound up with a strange gift for their birthday.

Everything in this shop is carefully considered while in the design process and is made with care, passion and the future of our planet in mind. This means that each creation has been designed and produced to last and become a much-loved heirloom piece.

Ainsley Takes Inspiration from Nature, Dreams and Mythology, Her colourful creations are a unique splash of Magic in a world that needs a bit of enchantment and Jubilation.