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About ValantineCreations

Valantine Creations was created to keep myself from going mentally insane during lockdown. In doing so I have developed a love and passion when creating these products. My mother was a Hippy, Witchy woman so the house was filled with herbs, flowers, crystals, incense and candles. As she is now passed away, each product I make is made with the same love and care. It is my way of honoring my mother. Both in the creations but also the ingredients I use. All items are made to order and each product is designed by me. Each ingredient from the wax to the crystals, to the herbs, to the flowers are all hand-picked, hand-poured by myself.

All the crystals are cleansed. All the herbs and flowers are dried. All the oils in the bath products are natural and essential oil based. That is including the bathbombs. Please note that this isn't a proper business, I am doing all of this from home. Flaws may be present but I will give you the best product I can make. Candle shapes, Designs, Scents are all different, all unique and no finished product is like another. Each purchase comes with a list of ingredients, the meanings behind the crystals and herbs and instructions.