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Store Policies


Process time: As each item is made to order, the handling time is normally within 1~3 business days (Varies on different products) before posting via Australian post. If you are located in Sydney and wish to organize a pickup, please contact via valantinecreations@outlook.com.

Please note that if purchasing by Friday, your item will be posted the following Monday.

Delay/Damage/Loss: Each item is carefully wrapped, packed and placed in a parcel box before shipping out. Delays may happen due to unforeseen circumstances but each purchase will be given a tracking number. ValentineCreations do not take responsibility for Damage or loss of parcels that might occur during transit. If this occurs, please contact via valantinecreations@outlook.com so I may do my best to help rectify any issues with the Australian Post.

Returns, Refunds, Cancellations and Exchanges: Returns or exchanges are not accepted because of the nature of the products. Any issues, please contact via valantinecreations@outlook.com.

Once your order is ready to be dispatched, no refund or cancellations are acceptable. These products are made to order and a lot of time is put into the products and supplies are used. If you wish to cancel (Due to unforeseen issues) please email right away (A small handling fee and postage will be taken out of the cancellation fee). There are some exceptions but normally there are no refunds for cancellations.

Allergies/Sensitiveness: ValantineCreations is not liable for any allergic reactions to our products. All care has been taken to make these products as safe as possible for you to use, but, please be sure to inform us of any allergens or irritants in advance to avoid this. If you have an allergic reaction to anything, please seek immediate medical help

Storage & Product life: All Wax products (Candles, Melts, Tealights etc) should be kept in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight. Any of the Body products (Soaps, Bath Salts, Bath oils, Bath Bombs etc) which are all natural with no additives or preservatives, please use them within 6-9 months.

Caution/Notice: Please trim the wick between burns to keep the flame healthy and strong. As tempting as it is, please refrain from eating any of the products though I’m often told they look like food. Trust me, they are not edible.

Handmade Soaps / Candles: Unless bulk ordered, most soaps are hand-made to order. Each one is different, none are the same. Please note that product photos are just a representation. Each design is based on what you pick in the scent profile. Weight of soaps, unless specified, are 100 -150grams. As these are all hand-made, flaws may be present but we will do our best to maintain consistency throughout and give you the best product we can. Candles: As each candle is made to order, designs vary depending on what you pick. No candle will be the same as the other, each is unique and personally made by myself.

Custom Order / Bulk Order: Please contact via valantinecreations@outlook.com. Minimum deposit applies, no refund on cancellations or change of mind once products are made.

Personalized Gifts or Gift packs: If these are a gift for someone other than yourself and you wish it to be delivered to someone else, please msg if there are any allergies. Each product comes with a list of ingredients used.

Enquiry/Feedback: Any enquiry or feedback can be sent via email: valantinecreations@outlook.com.
Packaging Materials: Depending on availability due to being an at home business packaging materials vary.