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About Handmade By Quezia

My name is Quezia and I have this different name because it is written in Brazilian Portuguese. Yeah! I am a Brazilian woman who came to South Australia as an international student in 2014. After finishing my Diploma at TAFE I worked as a childcare educator in Adelaide. It was during that time that I met my husband and I knew in my heart it would be forever. After marrying the man of my dreams I came to Strathalbyn. We are happily married for 2 years now. After a back problem I stopped working with children and with my husband's support I started exploring and developing my creativity. Now I decided to open my own craft business and sell my products online.
Each piece I make I put in love and dedication. It really makes me happy! My husband is always amazed with each piece I make. He usually says: "I saw the yarn and now I can see a bag! This is amazing!"
I hope you like and share with your friends.
Thanks for your support!
Quezia xx