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About Spa Delights

Welcome to Spa Delights. I'm Margaret So, founder of Spa Delights and a product photographer. Thank you for visiting my shop. My love of nature and preference for using natural and plant based skincare products, appreciation of a relaxing spa experience, and my desire to help others improve their body and wellbeing has inspired me to create a range of natural and plant based solutions to help people with the most common body complaints and beautiful fragrant pamper packs to enjoy in the comfort of home or gift to someone special with a personalised message.

My vision for Spa Delights is to provide a range of plant based products that enhances people's lifestyle and also empower them to take care of their body and wellbeing.

There is something for everyone seeking a plant based alternative to looking after their body. All products are Australian made. Some products are made in small batches for freshness and some will be handmade fresh on order. They are all for external use only. Please do not eat them no matter how delicious they may smell and avoid getting product in your eyes. Ingredients mild to one person may be an allergen to another so please read the provided ingredient information supplied on the listing and the product labels to avoid known allergens.

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do. Any questions or custom requests, please contact me.

More nice spa products are under development and I will add them to my shop once finalised. I invite you to follow my below pages to discover new products.
❉Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spa-Delights-101139248465233
❉Instagram: @spa_delights