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About T's Dog Coats

Hi my name is Tania and I started making dog coats in 2020.
I had previously worked in manufacturing and at the time was looking for a hobby so I began by making a few dog coats for charity.
I just love making them so I thought I might put all my efforts into starting up a supplementary home business. This didn’t last long as I donate and spend more than I sell. So now along with the donations I do make coats and other items to sell as a hobby and these profits help me continue my donations to animal rescue.
Donations consist of dog coats, blankets and collars for direct use of rescue animals and other items such as tote bags and bandanas that can be sold by animal rescue for profit. In 2021 I also donated a percentage from my coat sales and continue this each year.
Updates on charities and donations is posted on Facebook for anyone who would like to reference this.
Products are made in a smoke free clean environment.

FB- T's Dog Coats
Thanks for browsing my store and for your purchase, T