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About Happy Place Teas

Welcome to Happy Place Teas, brought to you by Karina & Jess – a mother and daughter with a shared passion for tea.

There’s nothing quite like lingering over a freshly brewed pot of tea, feeling the warmth of the cup in your hands, enjoying the scent, and sipping and savouring every mouthful. Whether it’s delighting in a slow start to the day with a favourite breakfast blend, a fresh and energising mid-morning boost, a guilt-free sweet treat in the afternoon, or a relaxing herbal tisane in the evening = our HAPPY PLACE!

Besides a passion for tea, we also love to be creative. Our tea blending kits have been designed so others can also discover the joy of creating their own delicious blends. We have carefully sourced only the highest quality and where possible organic ingredients.

At Happy Place Teas, you can enjoy our beautiful blends, have us create a signature blend to celebrate a special occasion, or create your very own unique blend with one of our tea blending kits. Or why not share the creative fun with your friends with our tea blending party kit.

We hope you too can find your bliss in a cup!