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About Wishsong Design


My name is Jodie and I am a 'thirty something' self taught artist who loves all forms or art and crafts! I love to be creating something in my spare time, whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting or sewing. You name it and I have probably tried it! I find it very hard to stick to one medium or type of craft but rather explore whatever new craft that takes my fancy! I also love nature and science, with most of my working life in the horticultural and science fields.

This shop is devoted to my art prints, original paintings stickers and stationery. I began drawing at an early age, particularly animals and anything nature oriented. I love to spend hours perfecting each piece of artwork I do and enjoy every minute of it! After many years of realistic animal and pet portraits I finally gained enough courage to step out and explore my imagination to create images full of bright colours and fantasy themes, with a dream one day to illustrate children's story books.

I mostly use watercolour but have also recently delved into digital painting to create my sticker designs. I also enjoy using acrylics.

All my 'fine art' prints are giclee and are archival, guaranteed 100+ years if framed and cared for properly. All processes from painting to the final printing process are completed by me in my home studio.

I have a second shop on Madeit devoted to my artist bears, art dolls and other 3D creations. If you would like to check those out then head on over here: www.madeit.com.au/wishsongdesign

I hope you enjoy my humble little shops and find something that brings you joy!
Jodie xx