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About Wendy's Art

My love of nature and landscape are conveyed in my art, especially the colours wonders and unique sights seen in Australia and abroad.
If you see something you like or would like something original & unique created for your home or office, contact me to discuss colour, concept etc.
I love to paint with acrylics (often with impasto techniques), acrylic inks, colour pencils, soft pastels, mixed media and occasionally oils.
I love bold, vibrant colours and texture, lots of texture!
I try to re-create the joy and fascination that wandering through nature inspires in me.
Nature is my inspiration, the colours, the shapes and textures. I especially love creating wildlife.
I am currently addicted to abstracts and enjoying the freedom, colour mixes and creativity that this genre provides.
Mixed Media is my passion - creating unique works that have a story to tell, and items from nature such as feathers, tree bark, pressed flowers and snake-skin.