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About canaan handmade

Hello, Craft Lovers;)
My name is Ayumi. I'm a Melbourne based handcrafter. I am originally from Japan and have resided in Australia for more than 2 decades.
Sewing is one of my identities all the time. My threads and scissors were always with me during my school times.

I grew up with sewing since I was in early preschool, and learned skills in home economics courses like Victorian VCAL in my high school. My cravings for sewing were always there, especially after leaving my loving machine back in Japan 22 years ago and moving to Australia only as a student.

Once my life had been changed and settled down in Australia with my hubby and daughter permanently in Melbourne, I came back on the track with my new buddy machine for my daughter's Baby Slings before she was born. Since then, I've just kept making original handmade goods for myself and friends. Soon after a while, I started producing Sleeping Eye Masks and Reusable Cotton Menstrual Pads as an eBay seller in 2014. Also, I set up a Facebook page at the same time to sell the custom handmade items on both sites.
Thanks to supportive customers, I have sold few hundreds my creations in the first few years, including those handmade Sleeping Eye Masks, Custom Pouches & Tote Bags, Baby Bibs, Female Reusable Menstrual Pads etc
alongside newly introduced line ups of Reusable Cotton Face masks since 2020 during Victorian first lock down due to the unfortunate pandemic.

As you can tell, I always love sewing and will!

I first started making my handmade Face Masaks just for my family and friends. Once I got my patterns ready, I was so into improving its function and comfort. There are so many valued and branded masks around, however, some are not designed for wearing comfortably for a long time or a long-term use, unfortunately.
My 3 Layer cotton Face masks are ideally 3D patterned out for easier breathing, also made from selected thinner, soft cotton/linen back lining on your sensitive skin like I am. I also sew them very neatly to be durable enough to keep its shape after loads of washes. I have been wearing them for almost a year now. They are still in great shape and very durable.
You also have a choice of whether to put a Nose Bridge Wire in or without. They support masks to stay still and mold well on over your nose.
Then I focused on the ear bands as well. Some people struggle with non-adjustable, hard-to-stretch ear bands. After trying a few sorts of cords, I found that thin, stretchy-soft bands, which are specially produced for masks, are the best behind ears compared to other elastics. Shapes may slightly change due to UPDATES👍
I can't tell you all how good they are with only my words. I Hope I can share this comfort with you :)

canaan handmade