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About Festival of Glass Jewellery

Initiated in 2011 by the Drysdale, Clifton Springs, Community Association Inc. (DCSCA) the annual Festival of Glass has grown from a one-day event at one venue to a series of events at venues across the North Bellarine; and it remains the only event of its kind in Australia.

It is a non-profit enterprise run entirely by volunteers.

The Festival of Glass promotes all forms of glass art (sculptural, wearable & functional) across the full spectrum of hot and cold glass techniques (e.g. flamework, studio/furnace glass, kiln formed glass, etching, stained glass, leadlight, mosaics and beadwork).

In response to the shifting Covid-19 restrictions we’re holding several events virtually in 2021 including the Festival Expo which will include online sales of glass art in this Madeit store.

Each year's Festival of Glass creates and curates a variety of events to promote and celebrate glass art:
• an Expo featuring the work of forty plus artists
• demonstrations and workshops by local and international glass artists
• Awards promoting excellence, exposure and peer recognition
• a Treasure Hunt, with prizes commissioned from glass artists
• public glass art installations
• professional development and mentorship programs.

The Festival of Glass, the only one of its kind in Australia, is a unique and distinctive cultural and social event.
It's mission is to celebrate the beauty, adaptability and usefulness of glass; and highlights the interconnections between glass art, craft and industry.
The Festival aims to support local:
• glass art practices
• social and cultural identity
• cultural economy
• artistic and cultural skills
• environmental sustainability.