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About Mothers Disappointment

A one woman show creating polymer clay children and catastrophes in Melbourne, Mothers Disappointment was born from a hot and fast romance with a polymer clay hobby. One pair of earrings turned in to ten, and ten turned in to more dangly children than mother could have imagined. What to do with so many odd creatures sitting idly by? Adorn the ears of the fabulous of course!

Ever remember walking downstairs as a teenager, ready to go to a party/family lunch/pagan ritual, only to have your parent give you the once over and say 'you're wearing that!?'. Mothers Disappointment is all about the bright, the quirky, the shiny, and the choice to wear what makes you happy. Gone are the days where you're hustled back upstairs to change into something 'appropriate for Grandma'. Go forth and wear your earrings to Grandma's place. Heck, buy Grandma a pair! (You know she'd rock them)