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About Jewellery Inspired by Nature

I am Jo Street and I live in the rolling hills of South Gippsland in Australia where I practise my acrylic flow art. This flowing art form requires a balance between allowing the paint mixture to do its thing whilst knowing when to guide it gently. I am so intrigued by this method of painting that I wanted to explore, refine and improve my original pouring technique. My results speak for themselves and each piece seems to represent an aspect of nature, be it a celestial body, aerial view of the earth, the ocean or a rainforest to name just a few examples, hence the name ‘Inspired by Nature’. I love the colours I am able to produce in my paintings and found they are greatly enhanced by the addition of resin. I wondered how I could make my beautiful pieces accessible to everyone and came up with the idea of using the magic effects created to handcraft original, modern jewellery. Each piece is also hypoallergenic as so many of us these days react to metals found in some other jewellery. I hope you find a piece within my collection that calls to you!