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About Under the Hawthorns

Welcome! My name is Gaya and I design and stitch magical gifts for small people with big imaginations.

My job is to help aunties, uncles, grandparents and godparents find that special gift for a child to cherish.

I sew especially for boys and girls that love make believe, fairy tales and getting lost in the wonderful realm of their wild imaginations.

~ Why the name “Under the Hawthorns”? ~

As a girl growing up in grimy urban London, I had a magical hidey-hole under the hawthorns in our rambling, overgrown garden. It was a secret den accessed on hands and knees through bent and gnarled branches. A place to play and imagine into wondrous worlds.

Looking back it was really just a patch of grubby earth, but we would dress up as pirates and fairies, drag in cushions, colourful blankets, books, magic wands, and all sorts of goodies to create a secret, happy place to play.

Many of my designs are influenced by my warm memories of this enchanted cubby of childhood magic.

~ How and Why I create What I do ~

I’m now happily living in Australia and work from my small home studio in Bondi Beach. I adore creating special and whimsical things for my son and his friends. They inspired my quilted dragon wings, golden dress up crowns, personalised pillows, and tooth fairy houses.

Many of my pieces use a sewing technique called applique – an ornamental needlework where small pieces of fabric are used to create a picture or pattern. I discovered it as a child and have been practicing the craft ever since.

My creative process involves vigorous testing by my team of young product assessors (sign up to my newsletter if you would like the chance to test a new product). So rest assured that every design of mine has been given a child’s tick of approval for likeability, durability and – of course - fun.

So thank you for popping by. I hope you and your child have fun playing under the hawthorns with me and my creations.

Gaya x

Oh, one last thing. As an adult I learnt that Gaelic cultures believed hawthorns were entrances to the otherworld of fairies, and that witches made broomsticks from the branches. So perhaps it wasn’t all in my imagination after all.