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About Marta Lett - Calligraphy, Celtic Art & Crochet

Hi, I am a Celtic artist & calligrapher.

My earliest inspiration comes from the women in my family, their needlework skills and ingenuity to create all we needed with such beauty. My grandmother taught me to crochet. She inspired me to keep making the Miser Purse, a little Medieval puzzle purse she made for all her grandchildren.

My mother inspired me to take up calligraphy & Celtic art through her stories of the 9th century manuscript The Book of Kells, and my love of decorative letters. From the moment of my first calligraphy lesson in 1991 I was hooked, and spent the following 9 years studying and practicing every available moment in this fascinating world of lettering arts. The joy of learning and expanding my experience continues.

The 'Colour Out Your Stress' folios developed out of stressful life experiences and how I use art to ease life's stresses. You will find many influences from western calligraphy, Celtic art, Escher style patterns, and manuscript illuminations in these pages.

Commissions are my specialty, beit an elaborate hand lettered initial on a card, a name on a place card or a major formal document with illuminated decoration. It gives me great pleasure to work with a client seeking to have their favourite poem, important piece of writing, or formal document brought to life with calligraphy and artistic embellishment.

In my fine art pieces I work in several media, mostly watercolour gouache, inks, acrylic and gilding. My paintings are explorations into identity as a woman born in Australia of Celtic heritage. I am drawn in the interplay of Celtic patterns and Australian wildlife. Environmental sustainability is an important narrative in my work. Celtic art speaks of the never ending cycle of life and how all life is interdependent, shown by the unbroken pathways in Celtic knots and connected spirals flowing one into another. Calligraphy helps me explore these narratives further, inviting the viewer deeper into ideas of the past and how they are relevant for us today.