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About Incomparable Buttons

Incomparable buttons have enjoyed widespread popularity over the past 36 years.

Our handmade and painted buttons are well suited to numerous craft applications:

From the more traditional knitting, sewing, crochet and quilting to paper crafts (scrapbooking, gift tags, greeting cards), jewellery making and mosaics.

If you are not a knitter, use them to replace the plastic buttons on a store-bought garment.

Add individuality to your wardrobe by sewing them onto a pocket, sleeve, hat, apron, cushion cover, shoes, bag.

Glue them onto picture frames, crockery, light switch covers, clock faces, lampshades...the possibilities are endless.

Choose from hundreds of different designs; from tortoises and teddy bears to teeny tiny tractors, x-large fashion buttons and everything in between - there's sure to be something you'll love.

A card of Incomparable Buttons makes a fun and whimsical gift.