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About The Bush Bowerbird

Growing up I was a bush bower bird..collecting bits of broken china and glass, feathers and anything bright that caught my eye…Ii began to see the sometimes hidden beauty of nature at an early age..even now when the cabbage gums drop their silvery, purple bark to become bright orange continues to fascinate me. I remember having a collection of broken egg shells just because I liked the patterns.” Making Do” in the bush led me to believe, as I still do, that there are no real right ways to do things....just what works best at the time…This is the basis of my innovativeness ..I put things together in a way that work and use what is at hand to reinvent ..cardboard to hand painted bird brooches ., vintage fabric to artscarves.. all embellished with bibs and bobs I have collected I the bower. Birds are of special interest to me ...be that I capture them in a painting or make quirky brooches