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About Dax Glass Art

I am mesmerized by glass in all its forms - from tiny glass seed beads woven into wearable art, shimmering glass mosaics forming wild garden sculptures to hot melted glass blown and pulled into elegant shapes and producing intriguing organic patterns.

I am striving to create with social responsibility in mind. In that spirit I use shape, pattern and colour to create designs that delight in difference and keep diversity alive in what we see, what we wear, what we know and who we can be.

I often design and make art that can talk about things of significance to me - social justice, respect for diversity and creating a more eco-friendly world. Sometimes, I design and create just because.... sometimes designs arrive just because I'm in mood to play or explore 'What would happen if...?".

In my beadwork I use traditional and contemporary needle and thread techniques to weave tiny glass beads (seed beads) into beaded 'fabric' and shapes which I then make into jewelry and other items. I have a growing list of awards for my beadweaving.

In my handmade 'flamework' glass - beads, cabochons & sculptures I create blown and handmade glass objects by using a gas fueled torch to melt glass rods and handshape them often using a small blow pipe to blow the glass before shaping it. The beads and other glass objects are shaped with simple tools and hand movements.T hey are then kiln annealed (cooled) for durability.

In my mosaics I cut glass into shapes and glue them and other objects onto forms to create mosaic art. My signature mosaic sculptures always include some of my lampwork glass.

Sometimes you'll find me glass enamelling using finely powdered glass which fused to copper and other metals using heat from a torch or a kiln allows me to create small objects for wearable art... often a unique clasp or pendent.

In all this, I am thankful for and captivated by the lines of flight that playing with glass allows me and by the deep connections to glass artists past and present, near and far that it offers.