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About Imperfect Magnificent

I'm a soon to be mother and artist who has always enjoy painting and creating unique pieces. Art has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. Even though I have painting many things over the years, exploring and discovers new ways to design items is rather satisfying. There is always something to learn on the art journey.

My store name is important to me because as things are handmade, they have minor imperfection but that’s what makes them appealing. This is where I produced the name Imperfect Magnificent, showing that everything can have beauty, whether it is deemed “perfect” or the simplicity of raw and pure form that can captivate someone.

My goal is for my art to connect others together and have people revel in the different pieces; showing people what I produce is a great opportunity. I want to share to love I have through my art; moreover, I want to continue working through the process and discovering wonderful ways to create.

Thank you for your time and share a little bit of magic!