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About Di Zee Designs

I am an artist and crafter with a passion for making hand-made original items for the home and garden. At various times, I have made mosaic pieces for the garden, hand painted ceramics, acrylic painting, beaded jewellery, and designing gardens.
I am currently painting, using acrylics, fabric, paper, lace and ribbon in my pieces to enhance their decorative appeal.. My art pieces are inspired by nature and organic forms that I engage with when musing and gardening. Throughout my life I have indulged my creative side to provide balance and peace of mind while earning money through other means.
Now I am focusing on my art. I make my own clothes, and believe that our homes are a reflection of our personalities. Therefore I surround myself with objects and art that mean something to me or others around me. I believe that good art does not have to cost a lot of money and want my art to be affordable to everyone. I love the thrill of being able to make something. I love what I do, and get great pleasure of making things for other people that make them happy.