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About Thyla Scene Pet Wear

Our pet rescue dog, Tully, was the inspiration for my business venture. One day, whilst exploring our property’s uncleared thick bush land, I noticed that the shadowy patterns on her tan coloured back resembled a Tasmanian Tiger’s stripes. It was at this moment that my Thylacine pet wear idea evolved.

Handmade by me, from my family home in Southern Tasmania, every product is crafted using mostly recycled or remnant fabric, in a conscious effort to reduce landfill and textile wastage.

I create Tassie Tiger coats, bandanas and ties, in sizes ranging from extra small to large. Alternatively, a Tassie Devil coat is a great choice for the little black dog (or cat). Custom made offered too - for ‘unique’ sized pets or specific colour choices.

Although unfortunately declared extinct, I aspire to keep the memory of the Tasmanian Tiger alive through my one-of-a-kind products… Let your pet be seen wearing ‘Thyla Scene’.